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Support Information

General Support Information
Click here to review general attendee information on using our webinars and web summits.

E-newsletter and Notice e-mail addresses
If you are not receiving our e-mail notices or e-newsletters, click here to find the applicable e-mail address(es) to add to your e-mail inbox to ensure that your spam filter is not blocking any of our announcements.

Webinar Post-Event Materials
More recent post event materials are provided as downloadable files through a download center. Events previous to that are provided on CD-ROM or Flash Drive, depending upon the event.

If you are receiving downloadable post-event materials, you will receive emails that will include the link, username and password to access the download center, along with instructions.  Two files will be provided in the download center, an mp4 video file of the event (with audio synced to faculty slides) and a pdf file with HealthcareWebSummit event menu, including event information and faculty bios; plus complete faculty slide presentation and any additional information if applicable (Web Summit events will also include links accessing the on-demand sessions and web summit e-poll report.) You can navigate to all materials from the event menu.Please note: you are limited in the number of times you can download these files.

Event materials provided on CD-ROM or flash drives are shipped via mail. Files provided include an event menu pdf file with event information and faculty bios; a full-length webinar video for flash drive events or an audio-only recording or CD-ROM events; as well as a pdf file with all faculty slide presentations. You can navigate to all materials from the event menu.

Web Summit On-Demand Presentations
Web Summits provide on-demand faculty presentations in addition to a live webinar. The ON-Demand Presentations  are delivered as video, incorporating slide presentations synchronized with recorded speaker audio. You can also choose to download the slide presentation in pdf format. To view the Presentation, you can click the desired link from the Attendee web page Demand Session Menu.

If you are having difficulty in viewing the presentations, there might be several reasons why the presentation is not being successfully viewed. These could include that you do not have a media player, or you do not have a current, compatible media player, or that you do not have the minimum system requirements to run the media player. Remember, you will also need speakers or headphones connected to your system. Should you have difficulty hearing the video you should adjust your media player or systemís volume control, and enable or increase the volume. You can not print from the presentation video files. However, should you wish to print a slide presentation, select the link to download the pdf file of the slide presentation.

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