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Transforming Diabetes Management: New Directions for Employers 
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Employers struggle with diabetes management despite decades of efforts to implement effective intervention programs. Traditional health plan and third-party approaches, while commonly used, have fallen short in addressing the diabetes crisis, and frustration with this limited success has led employers to realize they need to consider different approaches moving forward.

But what kinds of new approaches should employers be thinking about?

This webinar – based on a year-long project undertaken by Northeast Business Group on Health (NEBGH) -- provides an in-depth look at the kinds of forward-thinking approaches some companies are taking across the U.S. and suggests ways other employers might integrate innovative elements into their own programs. It reflects surveys, research, information and insights gleaned from NEBGH member roundtables and workstream discussions, and detailed interviews with employers, health plans, benefit consultants, primary care providers and diabetes experts.

Topics include:

  • New care delivery models
    • Pharmacist-led care
    • Convenience clinics
    • On-site/near-site clinics
    • Patient-centered medical homes
    • Centers of excellence for diabetes
    • Digital tools for supporting care delivery
  • Tools for employee engagement
    • Incentives using retail marketing segmentation
    • Value-based benefits design
    • Culture of health
    • Digital tools for employee engagement
  • Value-based care and payment reform
Please join us on Wednesday, May 6, 2015, at 1:00 PM Eastern, as Robert A. Gabbay, MD, PhD, FACP, Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President at Joslin Diabetes Center and Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School; Amanda LaGanga, Associate Director of Benefits, Verizon; and Jeremy Nobel, MD, MPH, Medical Director, Northeast Business Group on Health, Executive Director, NEBGH's Solutions Center, and Adjunct Lecturer, Harvard School of Public Health; discuss Transforming Diabetes Management: New Directions for Employers.
Learning Objectives
Learn about:
  • Why has traditional workplace diabetes management had only limited success? Are there ways to improve it?
  • What are the opportunities and pitfalls when it comes to offering innovative new care delivery models for diabetes?
  • How might employers think about these new offerings and gear them to employees according to risk and level of need?
  • What is the role new digital tools can play both in terms of supporting care delivery and increasing employee engagement?
  • Could value-based payment models improve diabetes outcomes? What kinds of challenges come along with these models?
  • What are the kinds of questions do employers need to be asking when it comes to figuring out which new approaches to diabetes best fit their company and employee population?
Who Should Attend
Interested attendees would include:
  • C-Suite Executives
  • Medical Directors
  • Human Resource Executives and Staff
  • Care Management Executives and Staff
  • Population Health Executives and Staff
  • Nursing Executives
  • Managed Care Executives and Staff
  • Health Benefit Managers
  • Planning and Strategic Executives and Staff
  • Business Intelligence Staff
  • Provider Relations Executives and Staff
  • Innovation and Transformation Executives and Staff
  • Other Interested Parties

Attendees would represent organizations including:

  • Employers
  • Health Plans
  • Hospital Systems
  • Medical Groups
  • Provider Networks
  • Other Providers
  • Government Agencies
  • Third Party Administrators
  • Care Management and Population Health Organizations
  • Pharmaceutical Organizations
  • Health Benefit Consultants
  • Solutions Providers
  • Associations, Institutes and Research Organizations
  • Media
Transforming Diabetes Management: New Directions for Employers 
  Individual Registration Fee: $195. Audio Conference Flash Drive: $45 for attendees; $260 for non-attendees after the event. Register online or download the event brochure.
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Robert A. Gabbay, MD, PhD, FACP
Robert A. Gabbay, MD, PhD, FACP
Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President, Joslin Diabetes Center and Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School 


Robert A. Gabbay, MD, PhD, FACP has over 35 years of clinical and research experience and is Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President at Joslin Diabetes Center and Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School. His research focuses on improving primary health care delivery to enhance diabetes outcomes and patients’ experiences.

Dr. Gabbay’s focus at the Joslin Diabetes Center is to foster innovation within the walls of the Joslin as well as disseminating these approaches regionally, nationally, and internationally. He is dedicated to creating a model for the Patient-Centered Medical Neighborhood for diabetes based on his extensive work on the Patient Centered medical Home model in primary care. Leveraging technology to meet patents and providers where they are at, the medical neighborhood will ensure patient centered coordinated care between the team of health professionals and their patients. Through innovative care delivery models – the Joslin is committed to providing solutions to those with diabetes in all realms from the patient, patient’s family, providers, health systems, payer, governmental agencies or employers.

Jeremy Nobel, MD
Jeremy Nobel, MD, MPH
Medical Director, Northeast Business Group on Health
Executive Director, NEBGH's Solutions Center
Adjunct Lecturer,
Harvard School of Public Health


Dr. Nobel designs health care management and delivery systems that focus on cost and quality concerns as well as the reimbursement models and user engagement dynamics that sustain them. Working with employers, government, and other purchasers, as well as health plans and providers, he develops and evaluates approaches to value based care delivery that coordinate critical aspects of healthcare delivery, support optimal practice patterns, and improve quantifiable outcomes including patient satisfaction. His contributions to this field span twenty five years, and include providing health policy insight to a variety of transformative initiatives including the landmark Institute of Medicine of 1991 study addressing the automated patient record, which helped launch the Electronic Health Record (EHR) movement.

Nobel’s work focuses particularly on the use of technologies to better coordinate information flow between patients, providers, payers and purchasers, including electronic health records, personal health records, interactive web-sites, remote physiologic monitoring, hand-held devices, “smart” registries, and related software applications. At a practical level, Nobel’s work has been the basis of significant acute care and chronic care improvements including improvements in diabetes care, cardiovascular care, as well as improvements in hospital quality and safety.

His recent activities have involved integration of emerging technology deployment, with personalized health insurance benefit design, to encourage user engagement and behavior change on the part of healthcare consumers, as well as innovative provider reimbursement models to encourage physician participation. In addition to working with payers, purchasers, and providers, much of his effort is focused on care delivery at the community level and in particular, the health care safety net; including homes and workplaces, community clinics, public health departments, the VA, and public hospitals.

He has worked in consultation to several major health plans, corporations, not for profit organizations and foundations in the design and evaluation of effective health care management programs, including Aetna, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Massachusetts, J&J, Mercer, Chrysler, GM, Safeway, Sanofi-Aventis, Pfizer, GSK, Verizon, Hannaford Bros., CAREMARK, IBM, iMetrikus, NaviNet, IHA, WebMD, SCAN Health Plan, Medtronic, McKesson, the Leapfrog Group, Blue Shield of CA Foundation, the California Health Care Foundation (CHCF) and the California Endowment. He is currently Medical Director for the Northeast Business Group on Health, (NEBGH) formerly known as the New York Business Group on Health (NYBGH) and is also on the Board of Directors of the Care Continuum Alliance (CCA) formerly known as the Disease Management Association of America (DMAA). Dr. Nobel is on the adjunct faculty of the Harvard School of Public Health where he teaches and does research on the health policy and management issues related to improving care delivery processes through better electronic information management.

Dr. Nobel is Board Certified in both Internal Medicine and Preventive Medicine with Master’s Degrees in Epidemiology and Health Policy from the Harvard School of Public Health. He graduated magna cum laude from Princeton University within the Science and Human Affairs program. He received his medical education at the University of Pennsylvania and completed his internal medicine residency at the Beth Israel Hospital, Boston.

Amanda LaGanga
Amanda LaGanga
Associate Director of Benefits, Verizon


Amanda LaGanga is the Associate Director of benefits at Verizon. She has worked for Verizon for 14 years and is currently responsible for the administration of the Verizon health and welfare benefits programs.

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