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Call for Proposals
  • Feel free to contact the HealthcareWebSummit office anytime should you wish to make a speaking proposal for a future event. You can propose to participate in future Web Summit events, which involve multiple webinar and pre-recorded faculty sessions on a themed topic, or propose your own single topic webinar event.
  • Your organization can also consider sponsorship of an event with complimentary registrations featuring your appropriate designated topic and faculty.
  • Speaking proposals do not need to be submitted in a standard form or format. Simply feel free to e-mail the HealthcareWebSummit office relevant information regarding you, your organization and proposed topic, along with your contact information. Proposals may be emailed to
Faculty Information
  • Click here to review the terms of use and privacy policy for attendees.
  • Please refrain from overly self-promotional presentations, and please ensure the presentation provides detailed, specific information of value to a professional audience.
  • After acceptance, faculty should submit asap the final presentation title, abstract, bio, photo, and any additional information that would be helpful for development of informational pages about the event. Faculty will have the opportunity to review their applicable event web page and provide any comments or requested edits.
  • Faculty members receive a number of complimentary passes to the event that may be shared with colleagues or clients.
  • Faculty is encouraged to participate in the LinkedIn HealthcareWebSummit Group and feel free to post any links to supplemental content, etc. Faculty can join the group at:
  • Webinar faculty will be requested to schedule and participate in a brief orientation session in advance of the event. Use of the online webinar facility, dial-in information, attendee q&a, and additional event logistics will be covered during the session.
  • Webinar presentations should be submitted in Powerpoint format by the deadline provided for that event.
  • Web Summit Pre-Recorded faculty sessions will be scheduled in advance to record via telephone and typically last 10-15 minutes. Faculty would also provide their Powerpoint presentation, and reference slide changes during their phone recording. MCOL will then create a video file, syncing the slides with the audio recording, which is then available to attendees for download.
  • Faculty Presentations are also provided via CD-ROM or flash drive to applicable attendees and others eligible to receive them, and occasionally may be selected for inclusion in applicable MCOL learning kits or for downloading from MCOL public web sites. Faculty slides are also made available to MCOL paid members in the MCOL member only web site.
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