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Archive: Consumer Driven Care 2007
The following archive of on-line powerpoint presentations and podcasts from from the 2007 Summit are available for 2008 attendees to download at their convenience:

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2007 Faculty:

2007 faculty participants include: 
·  Kim Bellard, Vice President, eMarketing & CRM, Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield, Pittsburgh, PA  ·  Beth Bierbower, Vice President, Product Innovation, Humana, Louisville, KY  ·  William R Boyles, Publisher, Consumer Driven Market Report, Washington, DC  ·  Jim Dean, Senior Manager, Financial Service, BearingPoint, FL  ·  William DeMarco, President, DeMarco and Associates, Rockford, IL  ·  Alexander C. Domaszewicz, Senior Consultant, Mercer Health and Benefits, Newport Beach, CA  ·  Phil Ellis, Health and Human Resources Division, U.S. Congressional Budget Office, Washington, DC  ·  Anne Elmlinger, Assistant Vice President, Greenwald & Associates, Washington, DC  ·  Laurie Gelb, Independent Consultant, Wilmington, DE  ·  Ashley Gillihan, Partner, Alston & Bird, Atlanta, GA  ·  Rick Grindrod, President, Erickson Health, Baltimore, MD ·  David Hammer, Vice President, Revenue Cycle Solutions, McKesson Provider Technologies, Fort Lauderdale, FL  ·  Cheryl Risley Hughes, Principal, Sanders, Schnabel & Brandenburg, P.C., Washington, DC  ·  James G. Hutton, PhD, Associate Professor, Silberman College of Business, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Teaneck, NJ  ·  Lucy Johns, MPH, Independent Consultant, Health Care Planning & Policy, San Francisco, CA   ·  Christine L. Keller, Attorney, Groom Law Group, Washington, DC  ·  Don Kemper, Chairman and CEO, Healthwise, Boise, ID  ·  Greg Kline, Senior Research Associate, Greenwald & Associates, Washington, DC  ·  John F.X. Lovett, Principal, Preferred Health Strategies. Ltd., Rye Brook, NY  ·  Heather E. Meade, Associate, Groom Law Group, Washington, DC  ·  John Mills, Director of Product Development, HIP Health Plan of New York, New York, NY  ·  Steve Parente, Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN  ·  Scott Polansky, Director of Product Management, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Boston, MA  ·  Eric Remjeske, Partner / Co-Founder, Devenir Group, Minneapolis, MN   ·  Greg Scandlen, Founder, Consumers for Health Care Choices, Hagerstown, MD  ·  Earl Steinberg, MD, President, Resolution Health, Columbia, MD  ·  Maureen E. Sullivan, Senior Vice President, Strategic Services, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, Chicago, IL  ·  Cora Tellez, President, Sterling HSA, Oakland, CA  ·  Kismet Toksu, Senior Consultant, Reden & Anders, McLean, VA  ·  Kirsten Trusko, Banking Senior Manager & Co-Lead CDH Financial Services, BearingPoint, Danville, CA  ·  Mike Vittoria, Director of Human Resources, Bacou-Dalloz USA, Inc., Smithfield, RI  ·  Lincoln Weed, Principal, Sanders, Schnabel & Brandenburg, P.C., Washington, DC   

2007 Summit On-Line Presentations
When You've Seen One CDHP...A Discussion of Consumer and Employer Needs, and Highmark's Response
Kim Bellard, Vice President, eMarketing & CRM
Highmark, Inc, Pittsburgh, PA
A case study of Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield's response to health care consumerism in the marketplace.

Humana and Consumerism
Beth Bierbower, Vice President, Product Innovation
Humana, Louisville, KY 
Beth Bierbower discusses Humana's consumer driven strategies and offerings.
An interview with Ms. Bierbower is available as a downloadable podcast

Performance-Based Contracting in a Consumer Driven Environment
William DeMarco, President 
DeMarco and Associates, Rockford, IL
Bill DeMarco discusses provider contracting and related issues issues including performance measurements in the consumer driven marketplace

An interview with Mr. DeMarco is available as a downloadable podcast

Healthcare Consumerism: Strategies are Broadening, Diversifying and Deepening
Alexander 'Sander' Domaszewicz, Senior Consultant
Mercer Health & Benefits
Details and examples of the strategies, tactics, program designs and innovations than are being used by plan sponsors to promote and measure greater consumerism in their populations in healthcare. Examples of areas covered include Incentives, Education/Communication, Cost/Quality and Plan Design/CDHP/HRA/HSA. Programs are increasing ways to promote consumerism and create meaningful behavior change across their populations. Everyone involved in the healthcare value chain will be impacted by emerging thinking and options in this area, from companies sponsoring the solutions to plans/vendors delivering the solutions, to providers understanding new patient realities and requirements.
An interview with Mr. Domaszewicz is available as a downloadable podcast

The CBO Report: Consumer-Directed Health Plans: Potential Effects on Health Care Spending and Outcomes
Phil Ellis, Health and Human Resources Division
U.S. Congressional Budget Office, Washington, DC
Phil Ellis, the principal author of the recent and highly publicized CBO report on Consumer Driven Care discusses and elaborates on findings from the report.


Consumer Driven Health Plan Survey Research
Anne Elmlinger, Assistant Vice President
Greg Kline, Senior Research Associate
Greenwald & Associates, Washington, DC 
A synopsis and analysis of consumer and employer based CDH related survey research: including Mathew Greenwald and Associates annual survey for the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) and The Commonwealth Fund, monitoring the growth of high deductible health plan’s and their impact on the behavior and attitudes of health care consumers; plus analysis of the company's data-base of publicly released survey research studies.

CDHC 2007: "Lost" Meets "Survival"
Laurie Gelb, Independent Consultant
Wilmington, DE   

In tonight's crossover episode, Ben agonizes over how many eggs he can eat for breakfast, Jack debates the value of a flu shot and Becky searches for her mislaid empowerment talisman. Don't miss the most depressing morning the group has ever spent. Featuring health as the Holy Grail and industry as the devil: it's the scariest series ever.

An interview with Ms Gelb is available as a downloadable podcast

Wellness Incentive Compliance
Ashley Gillihan, Partner
Alston & Bird, Atlanta, GA   

Join Ashley Gillihan, partner with Alston & Bird, LLP as he navigates through the legal compliance maze and explore the pesky business and legal issues associated with wellness and disease management programs. Wellness and disease management programs are useful and viable tools for reducing health plan costs---you just need to know how to design them properly. Ashley will help you do that. 


The forgotten "Consumer": Consumer Driven Healthcare in a non-traditional setting
Rick Grindrod, President
Erickson Health, Baltimore, MD
Integrating EMR, Onsite physician, Medicare Advantage, in a CCRC setting. The aging of America: forgotten consumers? This session describes the implementation of a vision to focus on health and independence in a multi site, multi state, residents from independent to skilled nursing, using what consumers want and need, in a person focused integrated health organization including the first ever closed Medicare demonstration project for over 19,000 potential on site consumers. The successes and the challenges of this will be discussed.     

Developing Key Performance Indicators for Consumer-Directed Health Care and Pay-For-Performance
David Hammer, Vice President - Revenue Cycle Solutions
McKesson Provider Technologies, Fort Lauderdale, FL  
The movements toward consumerism and the use of sophisticated and meaningful data show no signs of slowing down as more and more people are making active choices in their health care. Consumer-Directed Health Care has the potential to force changes in pricing transparency, discounting / package pricing policies, and point-of-service / self-pay collection practices. Pay For Performance has the potential to force information system changes and/or mandate new investments, as well as compelling staffing increases. Both trends bring the risk of higher costs and lower reimbursement. Providers wishing to thrive in this environment will be those who are prepare and execute the best.

An interview with Mr. Hammer is available as a downloadable podcast

A Legal Perspective: Evaluating Alternatives For Consumer-Driven Health Care
Cheryl Risley Hughes, Principal
Lincoln Weed, Principal
Sanders, Schnabel & Brandenburg, P.C., Washington, DC  
An in-depth analysis of the various forms of consumer-driven health care from a legal standpoint. This presentation will review the background and basic concepts behind consumer-driven health care and explain alternative approaches to consumer-driven health care and the applicable rules for each approach under the Internal Revenue Code; the presentation also briefly discusses legal and practical impact of these alternatives on employers and employees, in comparison with traditional health benefit plans. 

An interview with Ms Hughes and Mr. Weed is available as a downloadable podcast

Feel-Good Medicine: How the "Customer" Metaphor is Undermining American Healthcare
James G. Hutton, PhD
Author of The Feel-Good Society, Teaneck, NJ
A prominent theme in American medicine over the past 20 years has been the growing “customerization” of healthcare. Proponents argue that treating patients as customers or consumers creates greater responsiveness and accountability. But is that entirely true? Please join Dr. James G. Hutton for this provocative session on how treating patients as customers may have some important unintended consequences. 

An interview with Mr. Hutton is available as a downloadable podcast

Paying Lip Service to Consumer Control 
((C) 2007 MudiMedia USA; reproduced with permission)

Lucy Johns, MPH, Independent Consultant
Health Care Planning & Policy, San Francisco, CA
The personal health record (PHR) can be designed to serve one of two goals: patient compliance or patient control. The former co-opts consumer-oriented language for purposes more beneficial to supply-side entities (providers; payers; employers; vendors) than to consumers. A PHR designed for patient control is owned by the patient, who controls access to the PHR and uses it to manage care and expenditures. Specifications for a PHR to further patient control are presented. Absent the information that should be in a PHR, so-called consumer-directed health plans are little but a cost-shift strategy. 

Top-Ten HSA Funding Issues
Christine L. Keller, Attorney
Heather E. Meade, Associate
Groom Law Group, Washington, DC
Christine Keller and Heather Meade review ten key HSA funding issues from a legal and technical perspective.

The Ix Solution
Don Kemper, Chairman and CEO
Healthwise, Boise, ID
A transformation in the role of the patient is needed to resolve the complex, expensive and failing elements of our health care system. The Ix solution to start the transformation if focused on the broad implementation of three simple rules: 1) Help people do as much for themselves as they possibly can; 2) Help people ask for the health care they need; 3) Help people say “no” to the care they don’t need. 
An interview with Mr. Kemper is available as a downloadable podcast

How to Achieve Success in a Consumer Driven Healthcare Environment - Provider Strategies in 2007 and Beyond
John F.X. Lovett, Principal
Preferred Health Strategies. Ltd., Rye Brook, NY
This session will provide an update on consumer driven health care trends with a particular focus on physician and hospital tiering. You will learn about how providers are reacting as well as the short and long-term strategies they are adopting in response to these trends.

Decision Support Tools: Why They Are Key Element of Consumer Directed Healthcare
John Mills, Director of Product Development
HIP Health Plan of New York, New York, NY
This presentation will focus on: The different web-based decision support tools available including Plan and cost comparison tools, Provider cost and quality information, Health dictionaries and calculators; Health Risk Assessments, Personal Health Records; The importance of these tools to consumers, employers and providers; Ensuring members who are not web enabled have access to this information; How these tools help empower members; Driving members to adopt and use decision support tools.
An interview with Mr. Mills is available as a downloadable podcast

Consumer Driven Health Plans: Do Different Economic Incentives in Theory between CDHPs and Traditional Insurance Lead to Different Consumer Practices?
Steve Parente, Assistant Professor
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
This presentation addresses the following topics: What is (or at least what we see and model) as a consumer directed health plan?; General introduction and preliminary research findings; Graphic conceptual model of consumer behavior; CDHP cost-sharing design creates a budget constraint with 2 kinks; Contrast with ‘standard’ health insurance that uses coinsurance or deductible; Determine expected effects on enrollee behavior; So is there a difference?

Pros and Cons of Partnering for HRA/FSA Services
Scott Polansky, Director of Product Management
Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Boston, MA
Not a big national carrier with your own TPA and debit card services? Well, you probably have or are exploring a relationship with a TPA to provide HRA and/or FSA services to your clients. This presentation explores the pros and cons of outsourcing and what you can do to make it a value-added program rather than a resource drain. We'll look at what you need to consider in terms of eligibility and claim files exchanges. Participants will walk away with some practical guidelines to either develop a new TPA partnership or strengthen their existing one.

How to Integrate Investments into your HSA Offering
Eric Remjeske, Partner/Co-Founder
Devenir Group, Minneapolis, MN 
Offering an investment option as a feature to an HSA platform adds a differentiator that has been proven to win additional customers and separate and HSA account offering from the competition. We will explore the HSA Investment offerings that exist today, where we see the marketplace moving and what to consider when looking to add investments to an HSA program.

Consumer Driven Health Care: Wider Effects
Greg Scandlen, Founder
Consumers for Health Care Choices, Hagerstown, MD
This session will provide an update on consumer driven health care trends.
Driving Consumer Driven Health Care
Earl Steinberg, MD, President
Resolution Health, Columbia, MD
Greater transparency is a prerequisite for meaningful consumer driven health care. But what information do consumers need and how can that information be provided in order for it to be of value to consumers? Dr. Steinberg will address information needs and how information currently being provided needs to evolve in order to increase its utility. 
An interview with Dr. Steinberg is available as a downloadable podcast

Market Experiences with CDHPs: Transformation or Transition?
Maureen E. Sullivan, Senior Vice President, Strategic Services
Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, Chicago, IL
Maureen Sullivan shares BCBSA research data that speaks to the continued uptake of HSAs. Her presentation, "Market Experiences with CDHPs: Transformation or Transition?" will focus on consumer reaction to, and the future of, consumer directed health plans. 
The Case for HSAs in Transforming Healthcare Financing
Cora Tellez, President
Sterling HSA, Oakland, CA
This session covers three topics: 1) how HSAs are transforming financing of healthcare; 2) Sterling HSA’s experience with respect to client contributions, distributions, with focus on one of its employer clients; and 3) recent legislative changes and their possible impact on HSAs.
Capturing Market share Amid a Shifting Environment
Kismet Toksu, Senior Consultant
Reden & Anders, McLean, VA 
Transformation of healthcare insurance and delivery opens significant opportunities to gain (and lose) market share and positioning. This presentation focuses on understanding major market changes then using consumerism and evidence-driven product portfolio strategies to achieve objectives.
Financial Institutions' Role in Driving CDH Adoption
Kirsten Trusko, Banking Senior Manager & Co-Lead CDH Financial Services
Jim Dean, Senior Manager, Financial Service, FL
BearingPoint, Danville, CA

BearingPoint has built a special practice for this emerging market by combining cross-industry teams, significant project CDH/Financial experience, and independent thought leadership. This presentation will cover the following topics: Why do financial institutions care about CDH?; What are financial institutions doing to drive adoption across stakeholders?; and What can we all do together to drive CDH adoption?
An interview with Ms. Trusko and Mr. Dean is available as a downloadable podcast
A Step-by-Step Approach to Implementing Consumer Driven Health Plans in Mid-Sized Companies 
Mike Vittoria, Director of Human Resources
Bacou-Dalloz USA, Inc., Smithfield, RI
Attendees will learn: A step-by-step process to modify your current fully-insured plan into a high-deductible plan that will generate immediate savings for your organization and your employees; Engaging and educating your employees to be better healthcare consumers; Effective ways to introduce HSAs and other employee-based savings plans into your new plan design; and Choosing the right TPA, health plan and financial partner to keep you and your employees happy with the new plan.
An interview with Mr. Vittoria is available as a downloadable podcast

2007 Summit Podcasts

Podcasts involve recorded interviews with faculty regarding their presentation subject matter, that average around five minutes in length.  The Podcasts are audio files that can be downloaded from the Podcast menu page, or can optionally be delivered through your RSS feed reader and Podcast software.  The audio files are provided in mp3 format, and can be downloaded and listened to with your PDA, iPod, or mp3 player, or through your desktop or laptop computer.

The following Podcast Faculty Interviews will be included in the Consumer Driven Care web summit:


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